Visual Inspection

If you’d like us to cast a professional eye of the condition of the electrics; well this couldn’t be easier for you to get peace of mind.

First choose your house type, then if you have more rooms than in the description enter how many in the extra rooms box, finally enter the number of any out building you have. Then press the button.
You can use our Distribution Board Check list to see if it will need changing.

One/Two Bedroom Property – One reception room, One bathroom, a kitchen, & up to two bedrooms.
Three Bedroom Property – One reception room, One bathroom, One W/C, a kitchen, & up to three bedrooms.
Four Bedroom property – Two reception rooms, Two bathrooms, One W/C, kitchen &/or utility, & up to four bedrooms.
If youhave extra Rooms; Bedrooms, Out building/shed, etc. – How many are there? 

If you have out buildings with their own distribution board’s in them, – how many are there? 

£70 for the visual only inspection. Excluding VAT