The truth about rewires

So you’ve had an electrical contractor look in to your electrical installation, & they have found some faults with the installation which has lead them to recommend a full rewire.

First of all they should have recommended that you get more estimates for the work. But additionally they should have advised you about modernisation and improvement to the existing installation. For example you will probably have just the one single socket in the bedrooms & if you have children they will have extension leads running behind furniture to increase the number of sockets available to them. This is not ideal & for a small fee we will add extra sockets wherever you want them reducing the need for unsightly and potentially dangerously overloaded extension leads.

Also with developments in computing it would be a good thing seeing as you are having the disruption of the rewire to put in computer network points around the house. We realise that wireless internet is good but this still has limitations of interference & reduced bandwidth with increased users, & the security risks etc.. where as wired is secure & future proof.

Now for the information that all electrician contractors shy away from is the disruption !!

A standard three bedroom house occupied with a family of four will take on average of seven to ten days to rewire. This is because to rewire a house we have to take the floor boards up to access the void between the ground floor ceiling & the floor of the first floor as this is where a large portion of the wires run. this means emptying the room(s) lifting the carpet(s) and then the floor boards BUT more importantly it take at least two hours a day to reinstate the first floor to a point where the family can safely walk around as normal.

However if the house is unoccupied then the time spent tidying daily is reduced & that means we can on average rewire a house in a week this obviously reduces the rewiring costs dramatically.

Either way we will do our best to kept dust to a minimum but inevitable dust will be created, we do tidy your home as best we can but this still may not reach your high standards and therefore we do our best to prepare you for it up front.

On top of the disruption you will also need to consider other factors like the age & type of carpets you have at the moment. For example fairly old foam backed carpets will need to be replaced afterwards as all the old foam has become brittle & turned to a green dust. This means that the carpet with all the best will in the world will not go back down as it was before. Some people have had laminate flooring laid upstairs, in these cases we recommend that a third party remove and relay the entire area covered by the laminate. This is because with the fact that the laminate is interlocking we can not lift sections of it like carpet. Sorry.

There will also be an amount of disruption to decor, in most cases where a socket currently exists (depending on the quality of the electrician who installed it) it should be possible to install the new cables as the old ones are removed. But in some cases this is not the case and we will have to “chase” the wall to get the new cables in. Now we include in our prices the “making good” of these chase but unfortunately we don’t paint or hang wall paper (sorry). Some electrician don’t include the re plastering in the costs and either charge you more or leave the chases open!!.

Well I did say I’d tell you the truth!!

But despair not, we can get a plasterer to follow us and a cleaner to follow in after them to get you house sparkling again!! just let us know if you’d like these extra little services for just £100.00 plus VAT more.

So to find out a ball park for the cost of rewiring please visit our
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