Terms & Condition on our Special Offers

1. There is no cash alternative to any of the offers. You must quote the relevant code when enquiring for work to be undertaken.

2. RF Cox & Son Electrical Services Ltd reserve the right to end any of it’s offer’s or amend them, or these terms and conditions without prior notice.

3. “Energy Efficient Lamps”
3.1 To Qualify for this offer you need to have your distribution board replaced.
3.2 The only type of Lamp that is included in this offer is standard bayonet cap (push in & ¼ turn) NOT including GU10 spot lights.
3.3 We will give you a maximum of ten energy efficient lamps, unless you request us not to, or if you have no light fittings that accept that type of lamp.
3.4 Code Lamps10

4. “Smoke & Heat Detectors”
4.1 To qualify for this offer your rewire must cost more than £2500.00 +VAT
4.2 The first two (either two the same or one of each type) are the FREE ones.
4.3 Any subsequent detectors are priced at £85.00 +VAT each.
4.3.1 In accordance with BS5839 there is a possibility that more than two detectors are required depending on the size & shape of the property.
4.4 Code Smokes2

5. “100mm Loft insulation”
5.1 To qualify for this offer your rewire must cost more than £2500.00 +VAT
5.2 100mm is the minimum thickness we will provide.
5.3 The maximum area we will fill with extra insulation is 27.5m² (5.5m X 5m) or 19 rolls.
5.4 Any extra rolls (1.5m²) can be provided with customers prior consent at £15.00 +VAT each.
5.5 The loft needs to be reasonably empty to allow access for rewiring. If a loft is filled to excess the customer will be requested to reduce the amount of stored items.
5.6 Insulation will not be installed on top of boarding. Nor shall we remove the boarding.
5.7 Code Warm100

6. “Free PAT Testing”
6.1 To qualify for the free offer you must have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out.
6.2 The items to be PAT tested must be located & in use at the same address as where the EICR is to be undertaken.
6.3 Any extra items over the free ones that need to be PAT tested will be charged at £ 1.85 + VAT each.
6.4 Code FreePAT