Just some of the services we provide!

So as you can imagine this is the backbone of our business. We carry out all sorts of work in all sorts of places.
Historically we have worked in all types of Domestic premises from Victorian terrace houses, maisonettes and flats to nine bedroom mansions and stately homes.
Commercial installations from agricultural farm buildings, retail outlets and leisure centres to working for the royal household at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.
Industrial installations from warehouses, with high bay lighting through to specialist installations at theme parks.
We have all the require additional qualifications for using mobile work platforms, and erecting our own scaffold towers to the slightly more specialised qualifications of rope access.
So If you need an electrical company which can really and truly do it all not just say they can then just drop us an email or give us a call.
So as you will know the law changed in July 2020 with effect from April 1st 2021; It now says basically that you have to have your rental property tested and inspected regularly. Here is a handy link you the government's website to help you in more detail.
The advice is that the inspection is carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced person (Competent); who is registered with a governing body like NICEIC. Here is a handy link to search for an Electrician who is registered to carry EICR's, you could check to see that we're on the register too 'if you had nothing else to do :)'.
The testing and inspection results require an element of interpretation. So unavoidably some electricians maybe more inflexible than others leading to remedial work being carried out when not strictly necessary. So there is a Best Practice Guide which is designed to help smooth out the discrepancies.
If you'd like more information or to request a quote for carrying out an EICR at any type of property Domestic, Commercial or Industrial just drop us an email or give us a call.
This is one of our specialities, even if I do say so myself :)
From relative simple problems to do with domestic heating controls - as we are registered with Nest NestPro Installer.
We were invited to give a second opinion..... So an electrician was sent to a house to find a fault after several hours concluded that the circuit required a partial rewire, which would require other trades being involved to plaster and redecorate afterwards. Paul went along and in a relatively short time found that a small slug had found its way into a socket in the dwarf wall of the conservatory - so replaced the socket and sealed the back box holes to prevent reoccurrence, all sorted and another happy customer give 10 out of 10 on checkatrade.
So if you have a problem and no-one else will do just drop us an email or give us a call and we will get you sorted in no time.
So this is becoming more and more popular in the domestic realm as people are become aware that having lots of wireless devices although convenient has a large impact on reliability. So the golden rule is if it moves (iPad, Android phone) go wireless but if it doesn't move (flat screen TV, Xbox) then run a wire to it.
So we have completed various projects in the past from small half dozen nodes (network points) around homes to huge networks with hundreds of nodes in multiple buildings with fibre optic links and wireless point to point solutions.
We can work with your in-house IT department to just do the structural wiring and they can set up the network or we can do the lot from concept to completion, with competitively price service agreements to manage and service your ongoing needs. Interested in getting a competitive estimate just drop us an email or give us a call
In our portfolio we have a few large office block companies with 200+ employees and we offer a tailor made support solution assisting facility managers with their current employees manage the building from visiting site to carry out monthly fire alarm and emergency lighting audits and repairing/replacing light fittings that need more than just the lamp replacing. To revamping whole floors with new lights and equipment.
We have worked in large industrial and commercial environments and as so we will be able to assist you with your responsibilities. email or give us a call
We carry out Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys as part of preventative maintenance. We can survey large switch rooms to domestic installations. Surveying plant in plant rooms can show up items that are going to require replacing in the near future like bearings on pumps overheating. This means that the parts can be order and ready onsite before failure reducing the down time and the need to keep parts in stock on a 'just in cased' approach.
It has also proven to be invaluable in detecting water leaks in underfloor heating pipes; whereby I can actually locate the leak and inform the plumber which side of the joint is leaking. This pin point accuracy means that there is a huge saving in a trial and error approach with the added bonus of reducing the cost of repair to the floor covering.
So you'd like us to come and carry out a thermal survey? then just drop us an email or give us a call