Electrical Installation Condition Report Formally Periodic Inspection Report (PIR)

The Electrical Installation Condition Report which used to be called the Periodic Inspection Report, is a much more thorough inspection of you electrical installation than the visual Report. In the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) we perform a number of detail tests to ascertain the integrity of the fixed wiring in your property, from the consumer units all he way through to the isolators of appliances. The isolators could be sockets or other connection units like cooker switch etc.
Please see the Electrical Safety Councils best practice guide here.

The number of Consumer Units, (also called Distribution Boards or Fuse Boxes)

Count up all the Circuits in all the Consumer Units. Enter the number here.

£180.6 for a full Electrical Installation Condition Report and this price excludes VAT.
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The Extent & Limitations of the report.

•A typical inspection and test will consist of a 25% sample of all accessible accessories to be internally inspected. This may go up to 100% depending on our findings from the original sample.
•The limitations of the inspection are that the cable runs within the fabric of the building will not be inspected this includes but not limited to lofts and under floor cavities. However the nature of the subsequent testing will give a clearer picture to the condition of those cables that are unable to be traced.
•Any circuits connected to the distribution board that are not labelled and are not traceable will be omitted from the report. If the load for that circuit is subsequently found within 28 days we will test it for free.

By instructing us to undertake the report you agree to these limitations.