Heating System, Installation & Repair

We have been working closely with other companies over the years to provide an unrivaled service in the installation of wet under floor heating systems, & other domestic & commercial Heating/Hot Water Systems.

As a company we will not install Electric (dry) under floor electric heating; as it has proven over the years to be incredibly unreliable. The manufactures have attempted to recover from this bad reputation by increasing their warrantees and with some product they offer a life time guarantee. BUT when it goes wrong they do come out and repair the faulty mat totally free of charge (now hear is the sting) but they don’t reinstate your floor. So if you had laminate or real wood, or even floor tiles they basically make a big hole in it and leave it for you to fix the floor…. We think this is wrong. We want our customers to be forever happy with our services & with that in mind we will not install electric under floor heating.

We will however be able to get your current central heating system to run a new zone or zones under the floor.
We have plumbers available to assist you or you can appoint your own, we will deal with all the associated cabling and valves pumps etc to get it working for you.
Now why do we support wet under floor systems? The answer is simple, all the items that can go wrong are conveniently installed in a cupboard somewhere so we can work on them. All the pipe work involved under the floor heating is continuous and only gets jointed at the manifold, so no leaks.

We also offer another branch in the central heating electrics and this is fault diagnostics and repair. We are able to fix any problem with any system, from domestic central heating & hot water through to large commercial or industrial systems.
We have investigated the faults on and redesigned many commercial customers heating systems, & countless domestic boiler faults from – the boiler just keeps going no matter what, through to having a large cooker and boiler combined unit to integrate with the house central heating system (where the manufacturer’s expert couldn’t fix the problem for two days)

So If you’d like more information, or you have a system fault please give us a call or you can Contact Us.