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What do do you mean by "Number of Sockets Installed"?

This one is easy if you want a certain number of sockets installed in your home for each new one you want is worth 1 point each.
Exception to this are the waterproof outside sockets for these you will need to allow 1.5 each. The other exception to this is in out buildings that don’t already have electricity in them.
Supplies to out buildings can not be calculated on this website we will need to visit you to see how it can be done.

What do you mean "Number of Lights & Switches"?

If you have room with one centre light and one switch this would count as 1 point.
If you have one light that is switched in two places (2 Way) then this is 1.5 point’s.
Now if you want spot lights or under counter lights, they will be 1 point for the first light & switch and &#189 point for each of the others. You also need to add &#189 a point for more switches that switch the same light (2 Way)&#59

So for example a lounge with six spot lights on two switch would be 1+(5×0.5)+0.5 &#61 4&#59
And a kitchen with 16 spot lights on two switches would be, 2+(14×0.5) &#61 9 & two under counter lights on one switch &#61 1.5.

Outside lights are slightly different as you’ll need to get the light fitting that you want and we will wire to it, so each one counts as 1 point.

What do you mean "Number of Cooker/Shower Circuits"?

High current drawing appliances like;
Induction Hobs,
9.5Kw Showers,
Instantaneous Water Boilers,
are all 1 point each.

What do you mean number of Radial Circuits?

A radial circuit is the sort of circuit used for an immersion heater, or connecting white goods with locate isolation.
So for example in a kitchen or utility room you could have a washing machine with a switch that is easily reachable and a socket behind the appliance – this would count as 1 point.
Other examples would be…..
Tumble Dryer
Dish Washer
Shower Pump (not electric shower)
Boiler Supply
Alarm Supply
These all count as 1 point.

Bathroom⁄En Suite⁄W/C
Extractor fans are worth 2 point’s each. Due to the extra parts required.