We are members of the ELECSA self certification scheme. This means that all the work we undertake is automatically notified to the authorities where required under Part P of the building regulations.

Other advantages of using a company which is registered is that there is someone to talk to if it all goes wrong. If you choose to use a contractor who is not registered with a body to undertake work for you and things start to go wrong; you have nowhere to go with your concerns. If you were to instruct a second electrical contractor to "finish the job" this usually results in quite a lot more expense in putting the existing work right.

However if you choose an ELECSA registered company like us to do the work, you can get the ELECSE company to visit and inspect the work done by us, and if they find ANYTHING wrong it has to be put right at the expense of the electrical contractor.

Our company has been inspected by ELECSA and we have passed their very high entrance criteria. Which allows us to use their logo’s on all our publications and literature. Are grading is "Full Scope" which entitles us to perform Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) formally known as Periodic Inspection Report (PIR).

Other schemes are available such as the NICEIC & NAPIT but we decided to go with the ELECSA as they are more approachable both by it’s members and customers alike. They can be reached via;

ECA Certification Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Electrical Contractors’ Association and is responsible for operating the ELECSA certification schemes and brands.

ECA Certification Ltd
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Tel: 03333 218 220
Fax: 01623 683 001

E-mail: enquiries@elecsa.co.uk

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